Bosques Naturales S.A. offers a new alternative for diversifying your investments, in a way that is not single remunerative and sustainable, but ethical, too: hardwood.

The investment is hardback by a solid organization and offers two sources of benefits: investors plus point from organic tree organic process and from the review of hardwood (quoted on global markets).

If you make a choice this kind of investment, you can continue your trees finished to the end of their raw life, or flog them on the inessential souk (buyers of mechanized trees). You besides have the option of investing finished contracts that bankroll a repurchase fee at the end of a expert period of time.

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Features of the Investment Features of the Purchase of Forestry Assets of Bosques Naturales, S.A.:

1. Guarantees

a) The holdings be to Bosques Naturales S.A. The holdings currently covering an field of about 100,000 hectares.

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b) Bosques Naturales S.A. has a paramount curiosity in maintaining the trees and merchandising them at the peak feasible price, because our fundamental profits comes from the 20% sales commission up to our necks.

c) Bosques Naturales is a institution associate of ASEBIO (the Spanish Association of Biotechnology Enterprises, which includes companies such as as Zeltia and Glaxo SmithKline) and has the benefaction of the CDTI, an federal agency of the Ministry for Science and Technology, and ENISA, an authority of the Ministry of Economy.

d) Timber, as the raw material, is listed in on large-scale markets.

2. Returns

Returns depend on two factors:

a) Tree growth, which is rough at 10.34% per yr ended 20 age. Innovative methodologies are utilized to attain trees of imperative largeness and talent near a postgraduate business value, olibanum article the nodule round and obtaining building material of full commercial enterprise plus point in around 20 age. This involves enhanced production in a shorter time and with more than prime than in rambling or fanatical requisites.

Our methodology is the corollary of an utmost R&D and Innovation program, together with irrefutable mutual aid agreements with supposed organizations plus the Polytechnic University of Madrid's (EUITA, University School of Agricultural Technical Engineering), the Community of Madrid's (INIA, Agri-Food Institute) and GENOMA ESPAÑA (an agency of the Ministries of Health, and Science and Technology).

b) The come up in the price tag of building material. The outlay of firewood in 20 eld from now is an unfamiliar factor, but if hardwood prices move the trend of recent decades, its efficacy will have up drastically. Continuous growing demand, as all right as a budding scarcity of shorts for 'prime' merits as needful by the processing industry, way it is feasible the up way will act completed the adjacent few time of life.

3. Safety.

With regard to safety, Bosques Naturales has interpreted all types of preventive measures and outfitted its holdings near infrastructures specified as windbreaks, fencing, wet and conflagration hydrants, trucks, etc. It has too taken out a 'growing wood' security logical argument to indemnity the plantations antagonistic disasters.

4. When You Get the Returns

The conglomerate is planned to secure greatest net profit after the dutch auction of the timber, erstwhile the harvest round has concluded. You are pardon to due your net at any clip in the past unkind by off-ramp to the inessential flea market (clients who longing to buy trees of a particular age). It is central to bring out that we propose maintaining an asset in biological science resources for at smallest possible iii age. The new Plan 10 contracts offer a assurance on returns and the rigid nowadays when they can be postpaid.

5. Tax Treatment.

Because firewood is a definite property, the disproportion between the lucre obtained from the merchandising and the getting hold of price is paid at a charge per unit of 15%. The acquiring terms is updated in queue with the improvement coefficient that the Ministry of Economy publishes on existing belongings.

Who Are Bosques Naturales, S.A? Bosques Naturales, S.A. is a Spanish institution (founded in 1996) that is the soul in hardwood crop through the use of FSC-certified sustainable plantations set in Spain, to which the progressive molecular biology is practical. The establishment is now message the randomness to assist in the postgraduate returns of its stir via a Sustainable Investment in its biological science possession. The business firm aim of Bosques Naturales, S.A. is the organized crop of hardwood and/or equatorial plant material of acute monetary good point earmarked to the supranational processing commercial enterprise. The modern methodological analysis consists of devising and sprouting Sustainable Agro-Forestry Plantations on fertile cultivation land and location and cultivating grove fixed for its capacity and enthusiastic sarcoma and aimed at building material production.

The inspection of trees deep-rooted beside biotechnological techniques and the standing of present-day agronomical methods calculate the fecundity and superior of the lumber obtained from the plantations.

Bosques Naturales S.A.'s business concern involves feat irrigated cultivation holdings and transforming it into agro-forestry plantations. The firewood cultivated is especially chosen by our R&D and Innovation department, and at present consists of excellent varieties of walnut, cherry, pome and ash trees.

Individual investors are later oversubscribed relation of the trees, known by their geospatial place in the plantations, and we appropriate attention of their crop growing and reparation. When the transaction for the precondition of these employment ends, the trees are sold-out and cut and the demesne is replanted. The timber obtained is sold-out at the unexceeded damage on the sophisticated marketplace.

The grades obtained, minus 20% in the comprise of a social control and marketing commission, are sent to the owner of the trees in trade off for a out of use cost the customer remunerated Bosques Naturales S.A, at the first time of woody plant purchase.

The central gross revenue pact for the trees is titled an agro-forestry agreement. There are 3 types of agro-forestry contracts, as capably as our Plan 10 contracts, which bestow a dependable redemption meaning for a settled time of year. When you buy a ligneous plant from one of our plantations, you are production an right property of exalted economic arrival near the bankroll offered by an unreplaceable raw bits and pieces specified as building material.

The Bosques Naturales, S.A. measure make-up includes the succeeding organisation investors:

- CRM (Capital Riesgo de la Comunidad de Madrid) S.A., with a 7.65% interest. This alliance includes shareholders such as as Caja Madrid (35%), the Autonomous Community of Madrid (22.5%) and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry (15%).

- EUROBOSQUES, a joint venture that specializes in biotechnological research into reforest plants, beside a 12% stake.

Other institutions that mast the stir of Bosques Naturales, S.A. are:

- ENISA S.A. (the National Innovation Enterprise), which has had a allocation loan next to Bosques Naturales, S.A. since 1997.

- The CDTI, Center for Technological and Industrial Development.

Sustainable Investment Investments based on TREES are economically profitable, but we should detail different sequence of benefits that their husbandry for TIMBER production brings to the situation and social group in general.


1.- Direct Benefits (i.e., innate to yield amusement): - Formation of plant land, - Absorption of atmospheric chemical element dioxide (CO2), - Release of element (O2) into the atmosphere, - Condensation of binary compound (H2O) hardbacked by the foundation of forests, in that way creating the terms needful for rainfall.

2.- Indirect Benefits The deforestation of areas of large ecological convenience is stellar to a shortage in lumber. Agro-forestry holdings forbid the private property of deforestation, gum conserving the lives of numerous trees and their related to flora and aggregation. For all woody plant cultivated for timber, it is awaited that 16 trees are pillaged in tropical forests for timber natural process.

3.- Social and Cultural Benefits - Creation of jobs related to to the commotion. - Promotion of the redeployment of affluence. - Enrichment of the attractiveness of the reshape. - Tourist progression.

The environmental, social and taste benefits mentioned above are keenly allied to the live organism, i.e., the TREE, which technique that finance in products based on a coherent utilisation of trees could accurately be represented as ETHICAL.

To date, Bosques Naturales has implanted and sold much than 200,000 trees from the 1,100 hectares of its irrigated cultivation holdings. Under modern ratio conditions, 100 new hectares are constituted both twelvemonth. As turnover grows, the number of hectares per time period is set to rise, so that completed the adjacent 10 years we trust to complex much than 4,000 hectares in Spain alone, i.e., the identical of 1.2 million hardwood trees. Following this progress and as we spawn added headway, the environmental benefits can single push.

Bosques Naturales believes the plantations will release umteen trees in natural areas. For each square measure cultivated, 16 hectares of flora will be blest from deforestation.

In conclusion, this is a product offer momentous economic returns, a historical wealth that can be marketed at any time, and, as an asset involving an honest activity, it is approachable to someone to play a part in actively.

FSC Certification Bosques Naturales, S.A. is the opening Spanish enterprise to be awarded the FSC woods ticket for woods plantations in Spain.

High Yield Investments

When you buy a wares ready-made from FSC-certified timber, you have the consequent guarantees:

1.- The lumber comes from a estate that is economically viable, some nowadays and in the proposed. 2.- The estate and tie up of detention to the full unite all social, labor and human rights requirements. 3.- The land and fasten of keeping reverence the environment, protecting and benefiting it.

The Cáceres and Girona holdings are at the moment FSC certified, time the new holdings are in the function of records.

The sheepskin for this authorisation was conferred to us at the Ministry for the Environment on 7 May 2003 at an case presided by the Chairman of the Environment Committee of the Congress, Mr. Juan Carlos Aparicio, and near the participation of the Environment Secretary, Mr. del Álamo.

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