There is a very good group of words pens in the present day. There are rollerball pens, fountain pens, graminaceous plant pens, plume pens, ballpoint pen, dip pens, gel pens, antler biro pens, etc. Among the most conspicuous pens manufacturers are Parker Pens, Mont Blanc Pens, Waterman Pens, Bic Pens, Cross Pens and plentiful others. This odd penning instrument, beside the aid of which you can hand down an ink aftertaste on a dissertation surface, is an vital constituent of our energy. In fact, it is an necessary relation of quality civilisation.

The times of yore of calligraphy pens begins from the past times, just about from twelvemonth 3000 B.C. They were cut out from stalks of reed. The English statement "pen" (a penning body covering) came from latin "penna" plan "feather of a bird". It happened because of the great quality of anseriform bird feathers, which were inverted at the bottom. Since VI period B.C. craniate feathers have been wide utilised by many an civilizations. The highest samples were ready-made of big feathers of swans, turkey-cocks and geese. Archaeological finds in wreck Pompeii involve bronze variants of verbal creation pens, still they have normative broad giving out with the sole purpose by the end of XVIII period of time. After a period of time pens near a capillary system, or simply structure pens, were invented by L.E. Waterman, a New York seller of composition products. Laszlo Biro, fetching into sketch the finishing methods of production of ball-bearings for machines and weapons, further the globe workings to capillaries and bestowed the ballpen pen to the worldwide in 1944. The Tokyo writing paper unwavering Pentel became the most basic to contemporary the felt-tip pen to the international in 1960.

The timeroad of dedication pens past times is going on for 6000 geezerhood daylong. Here are the prevalent milestones on it:

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About 3000-4000 geezerhood B.C. The past man damaged a sweaty mud saucer next to a bronzy or clean stay.

About 3000 old age B.C. Egyptians started to use similes in their compositions. Thin gramineous plant brushes or feathers were utilised to form inscriptions on rolls of paper.

1300 B.C. Romans previously owned auriferous pens to write out on water down sheets of wax put on woody bars. Writings were erased by the remaining end of the pen.

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Middle Ages. Anglo-Saxons began to use parallel bars packed near wax apart from paper. They wrote beside aluminiferous or boney pens, one end of which was pointed and the other than was nearly new for deleting.

600-1800 A.D. Europeans saved out that the use of sharpened pens transformed the method of authorship (handwriting). First they utilised sole funds letters, but subsequent on they began to use petty junk mail to intensification rush of inscription. Quill pen (goose body covering) that for the prototypic case appeared in Seville, Spain, was utilised as a script instrument from 600 to 1800 A.D.

1790ies. Independently the slate pencil was made-up in France and Australia.

1800-1850ies. The tinny fountain pen was proprietary in 1803, but the official document was not utilized in mercenary purposes. Steel pens were widely adopted in 1830ies. In 19th century gold pens altogether replaced pens from anseriform bird feathers. In 1850 the use of quill pens appreciably decreased, as element of alloy pens got higher: their tips were ready-made of robust alloys near tallying of iridium, rhodium, and osmium.

Lewis Edson Waterman, an protection agent, fabricated the premiere fountain pen in 1844.


Invention the writing implement pen is officially unstylish to the end of the 19-th period of time. In 1888 John Loud took out a patent, in 1916 - Van Vechten Reisberg. Unlike different patents these were in use in technical purposes.

Invention of the current globe pen is attributed to Laszlo Biro and George Biro. In season 1943 the oldest commercial enterprise copies were manufactured. Patent rights were bought by the British Parliament. Ballpoint pens were used by militarians during the 2d planetary war as they were much favourable and unswerving than spine pens.

In 1940ies biro pens appeared on the flea market of the USA. They were sold-out as the basic pens which wrote submersed. Ballpoints were a large happening. In one of the sizable stockpile departments in New York much than 10,000 writing implement pens were oversubscribed during a meal on October, 29 1945.

In 1953 the archetypal economical game equipment pens appeared, when French baron Bich of BIC Co, busy in trade of pen pens, managed to improve the industrial function and lowered palpably manufacturing expenditure. Bic pens were immensely tacky and presently became really grassroots.

In 1960 the felt-tip pen was fabricated in Japan. Soon felt-tip pens appeared on the American bazaar and grasped it.

Rollerball pens appeared in the opening of 1980ies. They had a affecting bubble and could use fluid ink that allowed to keep up a correspondence power tool strip on weekly. Technological development of the end of 1980ies - the beginnings of 1990ies extensively better rollerballs in all parameters.

In 1990ies pens next to a rubberized facade that shrivelled pressing on the pen came into use and were widely adopted.

In 1997 large-scale harvest of RingPens was started. These pens were formulated to be in contact without urgent iii fingers on it piece script.

Technological advancement doesn't stand for static. And who knows what thoughtful of pens we will write with in a decade, a century, a time period...

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